Popular Home Survey FAQs  has been around since 2008. During this time we’ve helped many thousands of property buyers arrange professional home surveys at affordable prices. So we thought it might be helpful to publish some of the questions people have asked. We’ll be adding more from time to time but if you can’t find what you want to know below just drop us a line via the contact page.


Do I really need a survey?

As a cash buyer is it necessary for me to get a survey?

What does a house survey cost?

Why have the bank sent me a mortgage report? Do I still need a survey?

How can I tell if a surveyor is any good?

Do surveyors look in the loft – what about the drains?

If I get an RICS valuation can I used it for the mortgage?

Getting Quotes

How do I get a structural survey quote online?

How much does a full building survey cost?


What if?

What happens if a surveyor misses something?

What if a survey has lots of red and orange condition warnings?




If I’m buying a flat what survey should I have?


Different homes require different types of survey:-

    Save money by cutting out the banks

    Surveyor with clipboard

    By arranging your home survey directly online - rather than via a mortgage lender - you can save the large chunk of the survey fee that the banks normally keep. They may still want to instruct a valuer to carry out their mortgage valuation, but don’t let them try to sell you an expensive Homebuyer or Building Survey from one of the large, target-driven, corporate firms on their 'panel'.


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    Peter Spink, Sheffield

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