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How much does a rics full building survey cost? Do you have a list of house surveyors fees

Asked by:  Mike


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Hi Mike

Thanks for your question. It’s very easy to quickly see a range of prices for Building Surveys – by just filling in your postcode and a few brief details.

However RICS Homebuyer Reports are cheaper and suitable for the majority of properties, so you may not actually need to pay for a Building Survey – check the descriptions here.

Once you know the type of survey you want, just quickly fill in your postcode and name etc to get a list of surveyors who cover your area with a range of prices.

The fees surveyors charge depend on the location of the property, its size and the price. So there isn’t a fee list as such because there are too many variables.






Save money by cutting out the banks

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By arranging your home survey directly online - rather than via a mortgage lender - you can save the large chunk of the survey fee that the banks normally keep. They may still want to instruct a valuer to carry out their mortgage valuation, but don’t let them try to sell you an expensive Homebuyer or Building Survey from one of the large, target-driven, corporate firms on their 'panel'.


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