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When do I need a Party Wall Surveyor?

If you live in a terraced property or a semi-detached house, the wall (or walls) that separate you from next door are known as party walls. Party walls usually separate buildings belonging to different owners, but they can also include garden walls which are built along a legal boundary – known as ‘party fence walls’.



The Party Wall etc Act 1996, applies where someone wishes to carry out work on, or close to, a boundary. This might typically involve making changes to an existing structure or excavating within 6 metres of an Adjoining Owner’s property.

Party Wall Surveyors

For example,  you might want to install the end of a beam into a party wall for a loft conversion, or excavate foundations for a new extension near to a neighbouring property. Or perhaps you might want to remove an adjoining chimney breast. You might even need to build a new dividing wall in the loft because the ‘firebreak’ walls were originally omitted in some Victorian terraces to save money, and now need to be ‘reinstated’ (better late than never!)

In these situations a Notice will normally need to be served in accordance with the Act and a subsequent ‘Award’ may be required.

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