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RICS Building Surveys - formerly known as ‘Full Structural Surveys’


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N.B. Not all surveyors are the same!  We recommend experienced, locally-based, qualified Chartered Surveyors for  professional Building Survey inspections.

Mortgage lenders sometimes offer to arrange surveys via large corporate ‘panel’ firms, whose surveyors are under pressure to carry out several inspections per day, are generally less experienced, and are not always from the local area.



Building Survey

A Building Survey is a premium ‘Level 3’ RICS survey. These top-of-the-range surveys provide a very detailed description of a building’s construction and condition. Formerly known as ‘Full Structural Surveys’, these are ideal for period properties, buildings that you want to renovate or convert, or those that have already been extensively altered.

Building Surveys allow the surveyor to express extensive detailed advice, are typically at least 20 pages long, and  illustrated with photos of defects.  Essential for properties older than about 1880, thatched cottages, larger homes with 5 or more bedrooms, and for buildings of non-conventional construction. You can request that the surveyor comments on anything that’s important to you, such as potential to extend the home or convert the loft.

As well as covering all urgent and significant defects, a Building Survey will report on a wide range of less serious issues. A valuation is not normally included unless requested. Carried out by a qualified MRICS or FRICS chartered building surveyor.



Building Survey


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