Condition Report

A basic 'Level 1' survey
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Condition Report

Also known as Home Condition Reports or HCRs

Condition Reports are a basic ‘Level 1’ assessment of a property’s condition, originally designed for sellers to identify any defects prior to putting their property on the market. However, they can also be useful for buyers who want a budget survey. The report is shorter than an RICS Homebuyer survey, but it gives you more information than a mortgage lender’s valuation report.

Condition Reports are prepared by accredited Home Inspectors, who may or may not also be qualified chartered surveyors, although there is an RICS version called the ‘RICS Condition Report’ (N.B. Home Inspectors will be members of an Accreditation Scheme run either by SAVA or The BRE).

The inspection is more limited than for Homebuyer surveys and the report is written in a standard format with very brief descriptions, although it uses the same easy-to-understand ‘traffic light’ condition ratings to grade defects.



See sample Condition Report

Unlike a Homebuyer report no advice is provided on the causes of defects or suggested repairs/solutions, and no market valuation or insurance reinstatement figures are included.

These are very straightforward surveys suitable for modern houses where no significant problems are anticipated.