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We provide you with a list of Surveyors, Architects and other Designers who can advise on planning applications and compliance should you decide to appoint them. There is no obligation and this is a completely FREE service.

If you wish, you can contact them directly to book an inspection or they may contact you should they need to. If you'd rather not give your phone number please just enter 0000.

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Should you decide to proceed, any contractual relationship and payment would be between yourself as the client of the service provider you choose to appoint. You will be dealing directly with them and Rightsurvey can accept no legal liability.

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When is expert planning advice needed?


Making an application for Planning Permission can be a complex process, so getting good advice can save a lot of hassle, time and expense.

When contemplating a project the first step is always to check whether Planning Permission is actually necessary. In some cases, such as some smaller home extensions and some loft conversions, you may be able to go ahead without consent under ‘Permitted Development Rights’ (PDRs). But for larger projects and new build homes planning permission will be required.

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It’s also worth checking whether there are any legal or other restrictions over the property? These may appear in your Title Deeds. Listed buildings and those in Conservation Areas, or where PDRs have been removed, will have further permissions that will need to be taken into consideration. And in addition to meeting planning requirements you will normally also need to comply with Building Regulations requirements.

Assuming a Planning Permission application is needed, the next step is to refer to your Local Authority’s overall plan for the local area and ensure your plans conform to this. Getting a good understanding of how the application process works is important and an experienced planning consultant should be able to help you through this process.

Where your Planning Application has been rejected, you can normally submit a Planning Appeal. Or you could modify your application to meet the requirements of the planners. This can be a long and drawn out process but using an experienced expert should make the process a lot quicker and a lot cheaper.



Filling in the form above will instantly give you a list of people who can help you. These are all experienced planning consultants but their backgrounds may vary from Architects to Building Surveyors and Structural Engineers. In addition to their contact details you will also be given details of their experience and qualifications to help you make a choice. It should be useful for you to initially phone some of them and speak in general terms about your requirement. Before appointing a consultant and placing an order you should ensure yourself that your chosen supplier has satisfactory experience to provide the level of service that you require.


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