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Access control - fire alarm

Access control – fire alarm

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Security & fire protection

Few things in life are more upsetting than losing treasured possessions in a fire or burglary. So it makes sense to protect your property by monitoring it with a reliable and effective alarm system.

Modern electronic alarm systems are highly effective and reliable. If you are considering a replacement for your existing system or you are thinking of installing a system for the first time, it could help to speak to some experts who cover your local area. In many cases this will be a registered electrician but it could be someone who just specialises in alarm systems.

It may be that you just need a basic security alarm system with PIR (Passive Infrared) sensors to detect the movement of intruders and smoke detectors to detect the beginnings of a fire. Or more sophisticated systems with interlocks on the doors and windows as well as CCTV (Close Circuit Television) cameras.

For extra security you could install ‘access control’ and door entry systems enabling you to monitor people entering your building. Security lights on the outside of the property can provide an added level of intimidation to deter any would-be burglars.

Complete the form above to instantly receive contact details for a number of suppliers in your local area. You can then  contact them directly and discuss your requirement in more detail. To progress to the next step, you can arrange a meeting at your property after which they will be able to outline various possible solutions and likely costs.

Once you have selected the best solution for your requirements they will be able to produce a quotation for you. As always, before placing an order ensure that your chosen supplier has suitable experience, qualifications and insurance to perform the level of service you need.


Finding the right Electrician

Finding suitable electricians can be time consuming as they can sometimes be difficult to get hold of.  Plus you really need to talk to more than one before deciding how to proceed. But by filling in the above form you will be given contact details for several professional electricians covering your area so you can get in touch and progress the job reasonably quickly.


What’s a Registered Electrician?

It is important that electrical work is carried out only by ‘competent persons’ who have the necessary knowledge, skill and experience to avoid danger. Registered Electricians work will comply with the UK national standard, BS 7671 – Requirements for Electrical Installations. They will issue a safety certificate for their electrical work to confirm that the installation has been designed, constructed, inspected and tested, in accordance with the standard.

You should ensure that your chosen Electrician is registered with one of the following organizations: BRE Certification Ltd British Standards Institution ELECSA Ltd NAPIT Registration Ltd NICEIC Group Ltd SELECT (Scotland).

If you do not require electrical work but an electrical test and report, click here.



Part P of the Building Regulations (England & Wales)

Part P ensures all electrical work undertaken within a dwelling (including the garden) is carried out safely by a qualified electrician and that the Local Authority Building Control department is notified of this work. When you come to sell your property a Certificate of Compliance will be required by the buyer’s solicitor for any electrical work – to prove it’s been done safely. ‘Approved electricians’ can ‘self-certify’ that their work complies, and the organisations above will issue the certificate to you and notify Building Control.



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