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When are structural design calculations required?

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When are structural design calculations required?


If you’re planning alterations to an existing building, such as extensions or loft conversions, or you’re designing a totally new house, you will normally need structural calculations.

Primarily these are needed to accompany your Building Regulations application. But it’s obviously essential to specify the right materials and components, such as load-bearing beams and lintels, so they won’t collapse and cause damage or injury. A Chartered Structural Engineer or Chartered Civil Engineer can assist with the design of structural elements (such as foundations, roof structures, floors, retaining walls etc).



Structural design calculations

Professional Qualifications of Structural Engineers

A Structural Engineer will normally be a member of the IStructE (Institution of Structural Engineers) or a member of the ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers).  For design calculations it is advisable to commission the services of a Chartered Engineer with the letters ‘CEng’ after their names.

The engineer will need to carefully calculate the optimum size of beams and other structural components as part of the your overall architectural design, whilst also keeping an eye on costs.

Completing the form above will instantly give you a set of contact details from Engineers and other design specialists offering a Structural Calculations service. You can then make contact directly with these experts to discuss your requirements in detail.

Before proceeding it’s always worth asking for confirmation of professional indemnity insurance, as well as verifying  qualifications, accreditation, and experience appropriate for the level of service that you require.


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Structural design calculations

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