New Building Regulations – Changes to Parts F and L, and new Parts O and S


Important changes to Building Regulations ‘Approved Documents’ will  take effect from 15 June 2022. These apply to new homes, extensions, as well as existing buildings.

The main focus is on reducing energy use and improved ventilation. There are also 2 completely new documents aimed at minimising risks of overheating and guidance on installing car charging points:-

  • New content in Part L (fuel and power)
  • New content in Part F (ventilation)
  • New Approved Document O deals with reducing overheating in new homes e.g. with new maximum limits to the amount of glazing in new homes to reduce ‘solar gain’.
  • New Approved Document S deals with the installation of electric car charge points


New and existing homes must have better energy efficiency with a maximum flow temperature of 55°C for new and replacement heating systems. Heating system must also be designed to accept low-carbon heating in future, such as heat pumps.

In existing homes Part L and Part F of the Building Regulations set new minimum standards for fabric efficiency with new ‘whole house calculation’ method for building extensions.

New Part O means pipes must be lagged and more efficient heating controls provided.

You can see the latest Approved Documents here.

You can get expert advice  here on how to ensure your design fully complies with the new regulations.



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