Property Market Research for 2022

Hamptons estate agents have published some interesting research that  may indicate how the market will perform in the year ahead.


Here are the links to the key points to take away:-


* Since Covid struck there there has been a continued flight out of London and the UK’s big cities.

Hamptons analysis shows that Londoners spent a record £54.9bn on property outside the capital.  But conversely, demand for inner city flats is also now very strong. Could it be that people who thought home-working was here to stay suddenly need a ‘pied a terre‘ flat for weekday working back at the office?  How long before they move back?     Read more


* What’s happened to property prices since 2017?

Heightened demand for more space has been a key theme since the coronavirus pandemic began. Flats, in particular, in recent years have suffered –  But see Halifax figures below.    Read more


* Demand for flats is now increasing…

According to Halifax the ‘race for space’ could be over – latest research indicates that flats are now rising in price at a faster rate than houses.


* First-time buyers pay more stamp duty

Rapid house price growth over the last 12 months has meant that more first-time buyers are paying stamp duty than ever before.    Read more







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