Do surveyors look in the loft?     




Hiya, a mate of mine told me surveyors just spend 10 minutes in and out so is that true and do they look in the loft and drains etc?


Asked by:  Jagg Kahn


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Hello Jagg,  your mate is most likely referring to valuations carried out by staff valuer / surveyors acting for mortgage lenders.

An inspection for a Homebuyer Survey typically takes at least an hour and a half spent at the property. Building Surveys can take half a day or more.

When mortgage valuers do their inspection it’s a relatively brief look around, on an average property taking about 20 or 30 minutes (plus deskwork researching comparable sales etc). Unfortunately some valuers are pressurised to pack 6 or more inspections into a typical day to rack up fees. This is one reason why having a proper survey is advisable.

As part of their kit surveyors carry portable lightweight ladders, along with tapes, damp meters, binoculars etc. The ladders are used primarily for getting into roof spaces. All survey inspections involve looking in the loft, assuming there’s access (usually via a ceiling hatch). This is essential to confirm the condition of the roof, along with checking insulation, ventilation and the condition of any pipes & tanks etc.

Similarly with drainage, where inspection chamber covers are accessible (or can be found at all!) the covers are lifted where possible and checked visually for blockages or damage (but not tested).

Hope this answer provides some reassurance!





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