DIY sales boards


Most people move within about 15 miles of their current home. So if you’re selling privately it’s usually worth erecting your own private sale board. It’s surprising how many people notice these, even if you live in a cul-de-sac.

Neighbours, postmen and passers-by can all help spread the word.

A board is especially worthwhile if there are similar properties for sale nearby.

That way you will channel all the viewers that the neighbour’s agents have attracted at considerable expense round to your property. No one’s going to make an offer to buy a neighbouring house without first checking-out yours.


DIY For Sale boards

Plastic For Sale boards can be purchased online. The regulation board size is 815 x 610mm. But they don’t have to be perfectly rectangular – curved edges, circular or oval shapes are all acceptable. The post is simple to make from a length of 3 x 1in timber, about 8ft long if sunk into the ground – shorter if screwed to a post or wall. They are normally painted white.

All the board need say is FOR SALE – and your phone number, email address or website. It’s probably best to avoid writing ‘Apply within’ or ‘Ring My Bell’, as it may encourage hoaxers.

Timber posts can be installed in the ground using a metal fence post base, or else attached to walls, timber gateposts etc with screws. If there’s nowhere to fix a suitable post, try putting the board in the window or on the front wall, but try not to damage brickwork if you have to fix it to your main walls.





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