The Checklist – before appointing estate agents


Before you sign an estate agent’s contract, always check the small print.


As well as negotiating the fee (+VAT) payable upon a successful sale (or introducing the eventual buyer) be sure to get answers to the following key points:-




1/          What is their minimum term / tie-in period?  Anything more about 6 to 8 weeks could be be a bit restrictive if the agent fails to deliver.


2/          How much notice is required to terminate the contract?  It should be no more than 2 weeks.


3/          Is it sole agency or multiple? Avoid sole selling rights.


4/          How will the agent go about marketing – which websites and papers will they use?  Listing on (until sold) is obviously essential.


5/          Is all the promotional coverage and listings included in the fee? Check that they don’t expect you to pay towards the cost of ads.


6/          Are sales particulars or a brochure included? Or is there an extra charge?  Does it include a professional floor / layout plan and an EPC?



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