Once your property is listed on RIGHTMOVE, what added value can estate agents add?


Different brands of estate agent will try to convince potential clients that they have a unique ability to conjure up potential buyers.

But although some brands are more highly regarded than others, these days most buyers simply browse major listing sites like Rightmove and then contact the agent who happens to be selling the property they’ve seen.  Some buyers also make a point of registering with all the main agents along the High Street to get first bite at the cherry when new properties come on the market.

But at the end of the day most estate agents employ pretty much the same marketing techniques  –  online listings, ads in the local press, occasional mailshots, and For Sale boards.  In the battle to gain competitive advantage, some will offer extra features such as online ‘virtual tours’.

One key difference to look for however is  the quality of their staff.  This can vary from branch to branch even in the same firm.  So look for experienced, switched-on individuals who demonstrate ability and motivation, rather than dozy, wet-behind-the-ears school-leavers.

It’s also true to say that some agents have worked hard over many years to build their local reputation and gain credibility, so that when it comes to picking an agent to put their property on the market, sellers will opt for a trusted brand, rather than the cheapest.

In the next few blogs we will assess how effective  marketing tools used by estate agents really are…..



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