Sample Forms

Party Wall Notices


Here you can download Party Wall Notices. These can either be submitted by homeowners wishing to carry out building works, or you can appoint a specialist chartered surveyor.


Detailed Guidance and Example Party Wall Notices

The right notice to use will depend on the type of building work you want to carry out. So the guide below shows which samples you need to use, after being suitably amended with the specific details.  You can download a draft letter to notify your neighbours, and also an acknowledgement form to give them so they can formally reply to you. (N.B. page / letter numbers in the table below refer to content in the above document).

N.B.   If your neighbour does not confirm their agreement in writing you will need to appoint a Party Wall Surveyor to manage the process.

Type of Construction work


For notifying your adjoining owners



For adjoining owners to reply


1/  Excavation within 3 metres

of a neighbouring house or structure

A ‘Notice of Adjacent Excavation’ may also be needed within 6 metres (but only where your new foundations are deeper than an imaginary line drawn downwards at 45 degrees from the bottom of neighbouring foundations)

Example: Extensions with piled foundations or incorporating a new basement

SAMPLE NOTICE  (page 46 / letter 8)







SAMPLE RESPONSE FORM for neighbours to give consent (page 38 / letter 9)




2/   Works to the boundary line between properties

Example: Where a rear extension spans the full width of your house so that the side is built along the boundary line (or represents the boundary).


       SAMPLE NOTICEwhere wall is on the boundary  (page 39 / letter 4)


         SAMPLE NOTICE where wall is on your land  (page 43 /letter 6 )



   SAMPLE RESPONSE FORM for neighbours to give consent (page 41 / letter 5)


3/   Works to a shared dividing wall

Either within a building or on a boundary

Example: Where you insert a beam in a terraced house ‘party structure’ wall for a loft conversion. Or where an existing wall is enclosed so it becomes part of your new extension. Also applies where you want to alter or demolish a shared wall.

         SAMPLE NOTICE              (page 36 / letter 1)



SAMPLE RESPONSE FORM for neighbours to give consent (page 37 / letter 2)