It’s not easy being an estate agent!


Estate agents frequently find themsleves in the firing line for the failings of others, and have a reputation for disingenuousness second only to politicians and the tabloid press.

Marketing properties may be relatively easy in a boom market – but the job isn’t without its frustrations. These are just some of the many aggravations they have to content with:-

For a start, agents have to tactfully dampen unrealistic price expectations harboured by owners of flea-infested hovels, and yet still win their business to get properties onto their books.

They have to deal with all type sof people from the saintly to the criminarlly insane, often in the same chain. This includes ‘cash buyers’ who turn out not to have two pennies to rub together and vendors who pull out for no apparant reason leaving the agents to swallow large fees for advertising, listings, brochures and viewings.  Then there are the dodgy prospective purchasers that need to be filtered out –  nosy, time-wasting viewers who haven’t the slightest intention of buying.

There’s also the essential ‘marriage-guidance’ role, acting as peacekeepers desperately trying to hold together fragile chains as disgruntled buyers and sellers set about tearing each other’s throats out.

Add to the mix pedantic solicitors, ‘Doctor Death’ surveyors and the world’s most cumbersome home-buying system and, frankly, it’s a wonder any sales ever get as far as completion.


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