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Do I really need a survey?

Hello, I’m struggling to afford the house I want to buy anyway and the estate agent reckons it’s not worth doing so do I really need a survey?

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Is a survey necessary when it’s a cash purchase?

I’m buying a house as a cash buyer and I’ve researched local house prices in the area so I know I’m getting it at a good deal. So is a survey necessary when it’s a cash purchase?

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How much does a house survey cost?

Hi Right Survey,  the estate agent says that getting a survey costs “well over £500”. Is that right? How much would I have to pay for proper survey?

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Why have the bank sent me a mortgage report?

The bank have sent me a copy of a mortgage inspection report. What do I do now – is that OK or do I still need a survey?

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How can I tell if a surveyor is any good?

Hi, I’m not sure what to look for when appointing a surveyor – is there some sort of quality mark or rating I should look for to be sure the survey is done properly?

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Do surveyors look in the loft – what about the drains?

Hiya,  a mate of mine told me surveyors just spend 10 minutes in and out so is that true? And do they look in the loft and check the drains?

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Can I use an RICS valuation for the mortgage?

I’m buying a flat so do I need to get an RICS valuation done?

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What happens about my survey if the sale collapses?


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By arranging your home survey directly online - rather than via a mortgage lender - you can save the large chunk of the survey fee that the banks normally keep. They may still want to instruct a valuer to carry out their mortgage valuation, but don’t let them try to sell you an expensive Homebuyer or Building Survey from one of the large, target-driven, corporate firms on their 'panel'.


“We would like to put on record how impressed we were by the service we received Rightsurvey unfailingly followed up our enquiries and concerns, and Nick’s advice on maintaining an older property is proving invaluable.”
Peter Spink, Sheffield

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